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We try to join our love of food with giving us wellbeing through food…

In all so-called “advanced” countries, one of the most noticeable phenomena of recent years is the spread of so-called “functional food”. It is a mixed bag of different things, brought together in the search of foods which can respond to our specific needs in the extended area of “well-being”.

So, we find foods specifically for people with problems in digesting certain substances (e.g. celiac), foods for people with cholesterol or triglyceride problems or products promise to be digestible and light…and all the products which, rather than just not being bad for you, promise to add something to your diet. Like energy drinks, products which improve your skin, anti-ageing products or to help baby growth… Then there are those products which do not promise anything in particular, but are spontaneously accredited with bringing well-being: so-called local products or “0” miles, bringing back restaurants serving local foods.

I certainly seems like we are looking to join our love of food with giving us wellbeing through food. Light snacks and balanced desserts are also appearing. A mountain of information with an impetus which is ever more emotive and symbolic and less rational and critical: if it is true that very few are really proven and we know how to critically value the poetic promises reading (and understanding) what etiquette tells us.



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