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To protect something or someone from bad means presupposing its vulnerability.

Care for a human being is first a way of relating yourself to the world: this way that protects from something bad; above all someone. But to protect something or someone from bad means presupposing that something or someone is vulnerable. The widespread experience is constant of vulnerability of natural things and of human beings is thus origins of treatment. This experience us however the same experience of our finitudes. Only a being can in fact be vulnerable is at risk of perishing. Care would like to impede it.

Impeding that something or someone is vulnerable and also perishable, can in many ways. Therefore care takes many names. We are used to linking treatment to the ill patient and to their illness. But you care also educating, governing and also caring for your body and soul. We care for animals by feeding them, we care for plants by watering them, we care for objects by restoring them or cleaning them, we care for the environment, we care for our relationships with others and of course our relationship with God etc Every being can be the object of care: every form of being deserves to be cared for. If it is vulnerable. Eradicating vulnerability is the dream of every human being. Because it is, first and foremost, God’s will.

We cannot hound here in many senses how you care for something or someone or how you take something or someone into your care (these two ways already differ notably. I prefer, in my next posts, to focus on taking care of each other because this is the next, most important and most widespread sense in our everyday life. And as much as caring for others, again we narrow our considerations to the essential. The essential is caring for others like liberating others from illness (of body and soul).



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