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Smog and pollution.
Live (and die) in the smog of the city.

For those who like those writers who live in Milan, are stunned with amazement that systematically vanishes into thin air.
It is official (also reported on the news) that last year at least 800 people died from causes to do with pollution, smog and particulate matter.
In my home city, Genoa, two weeks ago six people died in flash floods. The result is disparate officials and various institutions being accused of liability, a sense of impending tragedy and injustice. While the 800 (but it is only a tentative figure, could even be 1200) killed by pollution in Milan earn at most a shrug of resignation. We campaign for world peace, against vivisected dogs, against homophobia and much more. However there is no trace of a reaction for this annual slaughter of the weak (children and the elderly are most susceptible to this sort of artificial selection) certainly due to foreseeable causes that can be avoided.
Yet for these deaths, we aren’t worried. They are too ‘invisible’, do not have the impact of the corpse dragged from murky, turbulent water. They do not have the immediacy of a crime of passion. They are something indefinite, something which drama consumes. Just like a silhouette in the mist of smog- which is exactly what I mean.



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