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I wonder if this crisis will change the attention we pay to our health or even increase it.

In this regard there are two different theories: one that concerns the presence of the real (material, economic) that blows away all the attention of hypochondriac narcissistic nature, as opposed to the other that requires that the climate crisis exacerbates the fears and result in more attention to their health (in a kind of introversion).
Typically, the data produced suggests that if there is a crisis- perceived as real or material (best seen as a real danger) and there is an urgent need to react to these narcissists and hypochondriacs, lowering the attention paid to them. But if there is a widespread feeling of danger, but no indications of a possible action to escape, then the refuge in the private defence heightens attention to their mental and physical state. We will see, for example by using OTC drugs or without, which direction to take things in this case.
My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that the length is the sense of crisis (no, no, it is the fault of Europe and Merkel, so we can not fail …) and the impotence of their active, personal contribution (we are in the hands of fate, technicians, Germany, in the whim of the gods …) will end up strengthening the refuge in private and in this perspective, the defense request for care and treatment will increase. However, the net rise in ticket and drugs!



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