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Did the Bin Laden’s doctor behave in a morally and ethically correct manner?

This post marks the beginning of something new called “The Bioethics corner.”
Bioethics is a difficult matter, it feeds on philosophical principles and concrete medical information, but it also needs to expand from a constant interaction between the practitioner and the rest of the world. Why shouldn’t bioethicists establish rules in an attempt to understand what’s going on, possibly building pathways to solve methodological problems?
This space will be the result of my musings and readers’ contributions, which I hope will increase over time.

The doctor’s duty – Act 1

The U.S. government has recently made public something which was already somewhat known, namely that the capture and subsequent execution of Osama Bin Laden was the fruit of a long intelligence operation.
However it was not noted that the main source of the information was the doctor who was caring for Bin Laden. The question that arises is complex, because it involves the person deemed to be the most “evil” person of the decade. Yet the practice of medicine is based on the relationship of trust between doctor and paziente. We are clearly faced with the choice between the wellbeing of an individual and the wellbeing of a community. So there are reasons for and against, as always in bioethics, this particular professional’s behaviour.

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