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Liberty and law have always been considered together , especially law when it is defined as “moral” as we will now discuss. There are in fact various forms of law (the law of physics, statistical and mathematical law, juridical law, natural law, economic law , biological law etc.) . Indeed, one can say that every experience may be, in one way or another, shaped by laws. Moral law, which is of interest to us, is the law which refers to our actions and rule according to good and the bad. It specifically refers to those actions that we class as “because of free will”. And it is known that not all of our actions are dictated by freedom. There are actions we take due to compulsion or ignorance, which therefore means that we cannot be held responsible. We consider ourselves responsible for the actions, in fact, freely committed. However when can we act freely? And what exactly is freedom? In order to address this, if we first consider freedom as necessary, we can then move onto moral law, which will be discussed later.



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