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The attention we pay to the quality of our food we are buying is decreasing: health is suffering!

The latest shopping data (the most recent a few weeks old from a confargricoltura-censis survey) contained something more worrying than its predecessors. Until a few months ago Italians had, in the last two years reduced their food expenses in both quantity and quality, and this was already a sign as in times of financial crisis this is usually the complete opposite way. Naturally not going out to eat and making such food at home contributes to this reverse trend.
It was then understood that people were buying staple ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk.. as to make things from scratch rather than buying them ready-made which is cheaper and in contrast to the rising popularity of ready meals. Fresh produce and organic foods however were the two exceptions. The purchasing of these foods indicates that despite the strong budget culture, people are attentive to the quality of their food and do look for healthier options.
Yet since the last survey reported a decline in this type of consumption, and the data strongly indicates that Italians are forgoing the need for not only the quantity but also the quality of food shopping. The current crisis forces us to accept a reduction of attention to our health, we’re stripping the right to take care of ourselves.



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