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A reflection on the proposal of legalising ‘soft’ drugs from a public health perspective.

Just as it happens periodically, and almost always in times of organisational and economic crisis, the topic of legalising ‘soft’ drugs (even if not all agree to this term) has once again come to light. I have no reason to enter into this debate and I doubt that anybody could do so without having certain facts: for example who knows the statistics of what percentage of cannabis users ‘graduate’ to using ‘harder’ drugs? I have never found this or any other similar statistic in the media in order to be able to form an opinion.
However, I have said that two other aspects which correlate with this theme interest me. This makes my perspective even more relevant in terms of the issue which occupies the sensationalist and ideological sector of the media.
The first question is about dependency, which we already have in abundance, widespread and increasing.
From drugs to tobacco to alcohol to impulse buying to games to food (in the USA the battle is being waged against sugar dependency).
It is not that a general growth in dependency means an incapacity to face real life. It could be a symptom and consequence of a lack of prospects and characteristic of this period of social history?
The second question: the State really must become a ‘moral state’ not only in its values and principles of coexisting but primarily in terms of health spurring us to take control of our health.
It would not be perhaps better, in both cases to reflect more upon the causes and its structural solutions, instead of increasing pressure and bureaucracy which is being outlined in both cases?



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