Fondazione Zoé

A “Medici con l’Africa CUAMM” project to guarantee healthcare to mothers.

Over the years the theme of maternal and newborn healthcare has been of particular interest to Fondazione Zoé. For this reason we are highlighting our project ‘Putting mothers and babies first’, which is working towards guaranteeing free access to healthcare for newborn children in 4 African countries – Angola, Etiopia, Uganda, Tanzania. In these countries there are high infant mortality rates.
The aim of the project is to double in 5 years the number of assisted births, taking the current total of 16000 to more than 30000 per year. The project’s target population is made up roughly of 1300000 inhabitants. A challenge that involves everyone can be resolved by putting adequate healthcare in place. Please click on the link “Prima le mamme e i bambini” to get involved!
Tuesday 11th February at 8.30pm at Teatro San Marco di Vicenza, there will be a performance of “Cirano di Bergerac”. All profits from ticket sales will be donated to Medici con l’Africa Cuamm to promote their projects and events. Please see the playbill:




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