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My thoughts and my reactions to the assassination of Charlie Hebdo in France on 7th January.

This event has shaken the whole of Paris. To placate us during the news, the media bombarded us with real time broadcasts which repeated the same things even in the absence of real new facts: as if continually evoking the drama of what was happening could both increase their audience ratings and absorb us in the event’s emotional impact.
Among the many reflections and reactions, allow me to express one of my own which has appeared almost unconsciously in my personal reaction to the event, and which stems from the question: “But all this talk, analysis, attempts to understand, emphasis… this move from the harsh reality of a series of murders to the major issues of the conflict – one to be avoided, I repeat- of our civilization… To dissolve the concrete reality of what has actually happened into endless words. To what end?” In short, it is because we are used to reacting to actions and facts with words, because we are used to thinking rather than acting, in the belief that reflection, understanding, explanation, discussion, are of absolute and ultimate worth.
Is it possible that instead it is sometimes necessary to act or react? Is it possible that too much talk, rather than leading to wise decisions, holds us back and leaves us powerless? Is it possible that this talking things through is not always the best thing, if the talk replaces decisionmaking and action instead of giving direction?



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