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The suicide of the great Monicelli it soon became difficult to imitate.

We would not be so worried about our last days, I had written, if we were able to find the courage of a similar gesture that avoids a way of dying is so uncertain, so insidious, sometimes even humiliating. At that time I had added in its place, I would rather seek a more peaceful death, shared with those around you and especially with the assistance of a physician with communication skills capable of sustaining a dialogue and a human relationship in a tragic situation and act at the appropriate time.

Exactly one year away (29 November 2010 / November 29, 2011) another famous person, Lucio Magri, original mind of the Italian Left and founder of the “Manifesto” has passed in a manner very similar to those advocated by me and that is by assisted suicide. To accomplish it, took perhaps an even greater determination and an awareness of that required for a leap of faith, and yet, at least ostensibly, more easily imitated. Strongly that I would not reach such a dramatic moment ever in my life and who is dear to me and what I write is not and is not intended as a defense of suicide, but it is undeniable that we can get this condition even without apparent reason. Just as we see on the one hand people unhealthily attached to life in extreme physical and psychological suffering, we find other people who wish to die at any age because life seems to be senseless and weigh on their shoulders so unbearable. And ‘the suffering of the soul which is becoming more acute, and for which there seems no effective treatments. I believe and hope that you are heading for a common sentiment that considers suicide an extreme act of absolute freedom, made of a body that is ours and ours is the life to which we give up. It ‘a great sacrifice, but, apparently, does not compare to the suffering endured. No rating so but only with respect and understanding. The seriousness and delicacy with which the press treated the story of Lucio Magri, go in this direction. There were still a few for the truth, ever less comprehensible opinions expressed by sclerotic areas of a world that fails to conform to the common sentiment: “It is an act without hope, not an act of freedom” and finally “we are not masters of our lives. “A true Catholic said, and only then:” I pray that Lucio Magri is welcomed into the arms of the Lord. ” Echoed the voice of secular of the Manifesto “Lucio en the sky”.
All very nice! An Italian in Switzerland brings us the body and soul for a journey of no return and not a bundle of money stolen is still a good news.



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