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Once again the Sanremo festival has hit its real target, which is not of course to promote… 

…’il canto italiano’ but to discuss and feed the rumours that are there to distract us from the real problems of our Bel Paese.
Yet in reality and unwittingly you could also say that Sanremo is now primarily a social survey, a sort of dramatized diagnosis of the state of the nation. I understand that saying it in this way you will be puzzled, but now I am going to explain. In a nutshell, the last scene at Sanremo revealed three “centres” which I think are superbly suited to describe the syndrome in our country today. Exaggerated! Yet, if we think, what we have “given” Sanremo 2012?

First the focus of the winning song resonates with the real drama Italians face today: the fear of losing their job, uncertainty about their economic future, the anguish of delays in marginalization and poverty. Well, a country in these circumstances should be agitated and demonstrate, right? Instead we chose a winning song which becomes a real-life drama- a story with a happy ending (the girl that was born with nothing and has made it, thanks to her “mummy-TV”…).
Secondly, the festival has celebrated female beauty, with women baring all and ‘farfallino’ voyeurism: a pitiful attempt to overcome the anxieties of this real erotic fantasies that take us back to carnal confidence, hoping for joy where there are no other means are granted.
And finally, of course, Celentano. That one way of populating the naive and cunning does break a moral code (and how high: death, life eternal, Christian mission, none other!) in a moment of escape institutionalized by a national ritual.
The exorcism of national economic anxiety, the appeal of comforting erotic fantasies, the regurgitation of guilt over the separation from the moral and perhaps supreme consolation in the thought that however alternate the real values are others: the whole stew of gossip, fake fights, endless chatter and rumours, but short. Yeah, it has already passed, but the mix of content and style of SanRemo are the X-ray of our social disease. Exchanging appearances with the substance, to be voyeuristic and rumours whilst we are waiting for someone (!?) who brings us back to life.
Who knows whether sooner or later we will realize that it is only up to us to try to live the life that we have been given.



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