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What changes could genetic engineering make to human life?

The original relationship between corporeality and psyche is known. An action on the body is also an action on the psyche. It would suffice to mention here the wide range of drugs, which can induce significant changes in character. It is known that emotional life depends at times by the presence or absence of organic substances. We do not know now how far it can go in its manipulation of the human psyche, the opportunity of external manipulators (sensory deprivation, psychiatric, psychological and physical conditioning etc) or even internal (psychological therapy or manipulation).We still know even less about what changes may occur as a result of genetic modification in human life. Above all we don’t know which changes can be brought about in a human being upon knowing all of this as its individual history.

Coming to know that someone made me using techonology can change everything, because the discrepancy between psyche and the group can become explosive exactly at this point. The real discrepancy is, in fact, that between consciousness and self-consciousness, the latter being more essential at human level. A self-consciousness that is known as the skill of manipulating others, is at high risk of refusal and exploding. Or at least claiming risks infinitely. All relations and dynamics of the psyche can be modified without remedy. We do not know how possible it is to grow an ‘I’ that is known to have been artificially created by other human beings. Its uniqueness would no longer be absolutely protected. The request for infinity, absoluteness and uniqueness, it is a transcendental horizon, would counteract permanently with the reproducibility of the artificial masterpiece (ie human). They might feel enslaved forever by others like us. They might feel inevitably (always and forever) non-human. Replicants. You can easily predict and imagine the drama of a human being who is placed in the world by Mother Nature through a human being, but from another human being using artificial means. As the truth is this, life techniques are a practice of human beings who, if they have no scruples, that is no sense of ethics, to decide ahead of us without us, and in a way that changes things irreversibly. We will now be destined, or forced, to think of ourselves as already made by someone that has made us as they wanted us.

The implication is inevitable: we are under their thumb in a novel way; we are always, sort of, their slaves; we can no longer escape their hands. I believe that a human being, which is already inside them, if it is a human being, the idea of the right to freedom, its origins and infinity of their own destiny, can no longer bear much of the news of being programmed by another human being. In their existence in its entirety they would feel manipulated, and would like at all costs to be liberated from this dependency and maybe would like to make those who have manipulated them before they were born, pay. In every instance, they would tend to seek compensation infinitely.
They would ask those of us who have lost our mother or our father as children. Imagine those who cannot imagine having a father and a mother!



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