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The body, I have said, is where relationships are incorporated

We, in fact, cannot have relationships with others if, for example, we do not look into their eyes, if we do not shake hands with them. But if the body is necessary, it is not the ultimate term of a relationship. Well, a certain pattern of reproductive practices, that is exacerbated  by the technical-medical intervention, is about the body in its own right: it becomes a kind of “objectification” brutal in its depth of the unity of soul and body of which we are made. If a doctor is wrong about this profound unity, they may be led to behave ethically aberrant, if a woman is wrong about these things, it is wrong for themselves and their child and also wrong for one’s own flesh. This is because a mother’s relationship with her own child is also that which one brings to it, if it is a good couple, the relationship of father to his child.

The objectification and fragmentation processes of procreation certainly affected the freedom created gradually over the past 50 years, who are in the relation to Mother Nature. Until a few years ago, the coupling between a man and a woman was of course (and naturalistically well, unfortunately) open to the possibility that a child was born, and now, however, sexual relations can be easily kept separate from procreation. Until a few years ago of male infertility and / or female infertility seemed ‘cure-less’. Now you can start the process of procreation in other ways. In short, sexuality can be distinguished not only by the fertility, but also the direct responsibility of procreation and even pregnancy. Oocyte and / or sperm can not only be homologous to the torque, but also heterologous. The uterus may be a surrogate, and also for rent. It might even be the attempt at building an artificial womb. In general, women seem now freed from the constraints of  “natural” motherhood. They can decide the time and ways of having a child or maybe even not having children. We know about the drastic decline in the birth rate. Yet the widespread desire not to have more than one child co-exists with the desire of many women to have a child at any cost. In short, it is a lived sort of social schizophrenia.
The root cause of this, which is also, in part, just forms of life liberation for women is simple: it accustoms us to a sense of superficiality, fragmentation and the selling of the body. In other words, it dominates, in the widespread, common perception of the body as a commodity.



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