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We increase the resources of our subjectivity if we keep strong the object of our desire.

When we are in a condition of latency, we can dispel or increase the resources of our subjectivity so that we abandon or keep the object of our desire. This means that the object commands the power of our desire, and we should always be aware of this.

The object is present in our desire in two ways, as a real object or an ideal (or imaginary object). The real object is the most powerful to reawaken desire. Stronger than the ideal or imaginary object, whatever romantic fiction says. Desire is in fact fuelled by reality, first and foremost. It is only when it cannot be fed by reality that it feeds on the ideal or (less so) the imagination.
A real suitable object make desire grow most and takes away this latency. A desire which is met is the strongest point and the condition of lack-latency transforms into energy. Desire fulfilled by a suitable object is life itself with its formidable creative force. It is also the access to fertility.

If the real object is missing, desire cannot help but turn to the ideal or imaginary form of that object. Turning to this form means remaining strong in our intentions. But remaining strong for the ideal of desire, since the desire does not die, is the same a referring to the action, even in latency (thus I return to the first group of thoughts). Retaining the ideal object of desire naturally means keeping the suitable object and not just any object. Indeed, we know that the strength of desire increases from the ideal object to the actual object.

In the absence of the real, suitable and therefore gratifying object, it is said that desire must remain on the ideal suitable object, even if not it is not fulfilling. Indeed, this object in the first instance directs our desire, secondly it feeds the ideal desire if we invest in it, as though it were the real object. That is to say, if we do not have news of the object, but we believe the object is truly reachable. The suitable object, which is ideal but keeps faith in attainment, this type of object affects desire during the correct form of waiting, which although lacking gratification, can feed our lives enough for latency not to create atrophy in our existence. In this way, our desire will always be ready to run to its object, when it truly presents itself.

However formal this schema may be, it can be as individual as it is infinite, even if the first example that comes to mind is personal love. But it is the same for any relationship. We could think, for example, of the difficulty of our profession, as much as it is loved. If it remains still in certain conditions of latency, it will certainly grow the latency as well as the profession: doing so on an ever higher level, having had it long in our hearts.



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