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The shopping cart is not only index of consumption, but also of our approach to health.

The latest data on consumption (the most recent are those of a survey Confagricoltura Censis-branched a couple of weeks ago) containing a signal even more worrying precedents.
Until a few months ago in fact the Italians had – in the last two years – reduced food expenses in quantity and quality, and this was already a sign of anything unusual in the history of consumption because usually in times of crisis food consumption are counter- trend, as if to console other deprivations people ripieghino on food.
Of course this cyclical trend contributes to the fact that reducing the exits to the restaurant or pizzeria cooking more at home and then you buy more ingredients and ready meals to be eaten at home. It was then realized by the data that people were returning to cook at home since the classic ingredients: in fact the growing consumption of eggs, flour, milk … In short, prepare food for themselves evidently coast unless you buy it ready (and mind you that ready meals, fresh or frozen, were growing consumer for years). They were, however, exceptions, precisely to the last survey, two types of food: the so-called “organic” foods and “fresh”. The purchase of these two types of foods reported that despite research forced saving people were still attentive to the quality of food and trying foods “healthy” benefits.
Well since the last reported a decline in this type of consumption, and the set of data indicates strongly that Italians are forgoing the need for not only the quantity but also the quality of the food expenses. The crisis forces us to accept a reduction of attention to our health, we’re stripping the right to take care of ourselves.
What do you think? What’s in your handouts?



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