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No affection is experienced that does not have a deep and broad body implication.

This issue has become extremely urgent. It is a peculiar feature of the present time. We feel forced to face a false dilemma in our everyday life: on the one hand, we fervently cultivate our affections, but do not want to hear about bonds; on the other hand, we constantly forge bonds and keep affections away. They are just “agreements.” On the one hand, a life rich in emotions, regardless of expense, on the other hand an infinite series of procedures, again regardless of expense. And then, the claim of a privacy without any rule and a public life subjected to a wide range of norms, but with the only purpose of hiding the diffusion of private interests. We have all become a little schizophrenic. Therefore, it would be useful to talk about it, and try to identify the origin of the mistake.

Our survey should begin with a reference, albeit erratic, to the human body, since it somehow contains and expresses the first end of the rope: the nature of affections. This concept expressly falls within common sense. All the affections feature a deep and wide sensual implication. Actually, our body is always a body intended for the others. In our media-oriented society, merely based on ostentation, the looks of the others unfortunately determine the meaning of our existence. It is worth stressing that the great cultural codes relating to habits and custom are the absolute rulers, now more than ever, because they are not properly “offset” by ethical interiority. Ethicality simply tends to coincide with the shared everyday life, which basically focuses on advertising, thus stressing the natural replacement of ethics with advertising.


The body is given special attention. In fact, we care for the order of our body, since it is observed by the others. We have a different opinion of our own body. We regard it as the chaotic place of the ego. In this sense, the body of contemporary men looks like a place full of contradictions: it is worshipped and spoilt by the others, while it is often violated by us, since it is ruled by sentiments. This somehow explains the recurring eating disorders, the choice to apply to cosmetic surgery, the improper use of medicines, drugs and so on. In other words, the order of the body must undergo a constant renovation process, because the inner part tends to destroy the external one, since the latter cannot control the former. Unlike the common belief, body lies in the soul, not vice versa. The soul contains and rules over the body.

While we were talking about the body, we have also introduced the concept of affection. The world attributes both possible and impossible things to the body.  



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