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Some judiciary sentences have proposed the return to the problem of defensive medicine. We should first clarify the difference between passive and active defensive medicine. The first happens when a doctor prescribes an excessive number of lab, radiology or other tests and/or a series of useless or excessive drugs, aiming only to legally protect themselves. […]

Holidays and journeys are restorative and therapeutic, but against what “illness”? There is an increasing tendency to combine holidays with therapy: health centres, spas, but also agritourism which offers peace and tranquillity and maybe even hay therapy, mud treatments…a plethora of breaks which we justify through their benefits to our well-being and respite. In reality, […]

Some scientists are fighting to let us reach the limit, judged possible, of 120 years. Today the average life expectancy has almost doubled compared to the start of the last century, thanks to medical progress, technology, pharmacology and hygiene. Men reach 76 years and women 82. Between maturity and old age, we have inserted the […]

Human biological material is increasingly important in scientific research. From blood samples, isolated cells or parts of the human body we can extract essential information to improve diagnostics and treatments, above all in oncology. But, as well as being important, there is also an increasing risk that, through the analysis of these biological materials, we […]

I don’t know if you’ve noticed how so-called “informed consent” is managed in hospitals… obviously it won’t always be how I’m about to describe it, but… You are given a sheet of paper to sign, not always by the doctor treating you or the person responsible on the ward, thinking of it as a formality […]

The difficulties of social changes project on the patient-professional relationship.   In a professional context like that of the health sector, where the interaction between user and professional is perhaps the most intimate ever created and has indeed become an unquestionable and fundamental part of the therapeutic process, it is necessary to reflect impartially and […]



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