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The difficulties of social changes project on the patient-professional relationship.   In a professional context like that of the health sector, where the interaction between user and professional is perhaps the most intimate ever created and has indeed become an unquestionable and fundamental part of the therapeutic process, it is necessary to reflect impartially and […]

The difficult communication for a multiethnic pathway in hospitals. prof. Maria Giovanna Ruberto Our society is rapidly changing in composition. Migratory fluxes, on the one hand, and cultural globalisation, on the other, have contributed to create a situation in which the traditional geographical and social confines which we are used to are being rapidly decreasing. […]

New types of relationship between doctor and patient are often presented as surpassing the so-called paternalistic model whereby doctors treated patients in the same way that fathers treat small children who are not yet able to understand what is for their own good. prof. Giampaolo Azzoni Now it is emphasised everywhere that doctors must not […]

9 February 2011 was dedicated to the discussion of vegetative states on the basis that it was the second anniversary of the death of Eluana Englaro. Prof. Francesco SartoriHer father defined this initiative as inopportune and insensitive. For him, it was a “day of silence”. I hope he will excuse me for taking advantage of […]

It seems like Italians suffer from the same syndrome as Buridan’s donkey, at least when it comes to thinking about health. Indeed, our research data clearly shows that interviewees want two things from those responsible for their health: scientific and technological advances resulting from continual research and experimentation on the one hand, and humane treatment, […]

Curare lo spirito è importante tanto quanto curare il fisico. Tuttavia, medici e pazienti danno spesso un significato diverso al termine spiritualità. È quanto emerge da una meta-analisi pubblicata dal Journal of Palliative Medicine, in cui ricercatori delle università di Hong Kong e di Cardiff hanno affrontato la problematica dell’assistenza spirituale ai malati terminali. Ne […]



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